Westfield Augers

Ritter Ag, Inc. is THE place to buy Westfield augers in Minnesota and Northern Iowa.  We have customers from the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Nebraska who come to us for augers because they know they will get the best prices and the best quality as each auger is checked over and tested after assembly. We have a large stock of new and used augers, check our inventory for the latest.

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MKX Series-


- MKX 100 (53ft, 63ft, 73ft, 83ft)

- 10.5″ Low profile hopper with solid hopper tires (Add-on an Auger Jogger for remote power swing)

- Redesigned tapered end tube and boot to increase capacity at any heighth

- Reenforced flighting with 10 ga steel welded to the edge where the most wear happens

- Square flight connectors that take the stress of the connector bolts and greatly reduce shearing between flighting

- Discharge Spout and boot designed for easy access and clean out

- MKX 130 (64ft, 74ft, 84ft, 94ft, 114ft)

- All the benefits of the MKX 100′s but at 13″ with capacity of up to 11000 BPH

- Heavy duty A- Frame undercarriage for stability and long lasting performance

- Steel Trussing on 84′, 94′, 114′ units to provide maximum strength, stability, and smooth operation

NEW! MKX 160- (85ft, 105ft, 125ft)


-16″ Tube delivering over 23000 BPH

- 11.75″ Low Profile Hopper available with remote electric swing and hydraulic power winch

NEW! GULP2- Drive over Hopper add-on for MKX130&MKX160

- 4.5″ Drive over with hydraulic controlled power swing to raise, lower, and drive the belt

- Matched to auger capacity

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