Sukup Grain Bins

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Ritter Ag, Inc. is a licensed dealer of Sukup Bins for Southwest Minnesota and Northern Iowa. We help with site plans, construction, Loading and unloading, and when finished will be there for servicing as well. We sell and construct all sizes and styles of bins from Farm and Drying bins to Large Commercial bins. Contact Us for a quote or info today.


Sukup Grain Bin System

When Sukup began producing bins, they invested in the most technologically advanced roll-forming equipment, built to our exacting standards, putting us decades ahead of the competition. They have continued to add to that equipment as our bin line has grown.

Sukup sidewall sheets start out as coils of flat steel. Next machines punch the bolt holes, form the corrugations, and create the curve in the sheets, all to very tight tolerances. They also add a coating of oil to prevent white rust. Every major component of a Sukup Grain Bin starts out as blank steel that dedicated employees use to create a top-quality finished product that they, and you, can be proud of.

72' Sukup Bin, Crane, Construction, Sherburn, Minnesota, Grain Bin

Ritter Ag. Bin crew Building 72′ Sukup Commercial Bin

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